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Friday, July 31, 2020

The New Normal

So today we're living in this pandemic and we have to take certain precautions unless we get the vaccines. Five months ago the world health organization declared this virus as a pandemic. The certain safeguard if you'll use in your day to day ritual propels you safe and stable.

So, guys, I hope you're fine and today I'm gonna tell the 3 positives you should remember in this lockdown. So, as you can see in the above pic exhibits the 3 monkeys 

🙈 🙉🙊 

So let's just start 

2) Watch News but in Limitation

I know you guys are watching Television news all day long and excited about what's gonna happen in the pandemic and the new challenge given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It's okay to watch the news and gain information but if you watch it continuos and for a  huge time you'll attain a lot of recession and sorrow.

2) Don't listen to the fake news

I know it's not easy to find out what's true or what's wrong but you have to understand fake news is vacant all over your surrounding Like somewhere in your phone. Also, I want to mention the fake home remedies that people are providing in the possibility of getting views. Remember there's just your power and immunity and your safety towards your body that's gonna help you.

Last but not least - 

3) Cover your face with your mask

Yes, don't forget your mask and take full advantage of the sanitizer. Cover your nose and mouth and avoid restaurant meals. I hope you're not enjoying the restaurant meal and also the Zomato and Swiggy food ordering.

Now we have 1 million cases reported in India. So if we talk about fake news there is so much news that viruses will get eradicated after the change in temperature. But as you can see there's nothing changed and each day cases are reaping to increase

Author: Shivangi Dwivedi for NDC
Creative: Y Sarvani Swapna Priya for NDC

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