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Sunday, September 13, 2020

10 Things Janakpuri Missed In Lockdown

10 Things Janakpuri Missed In Lockdown

Lockdown made us miss many things. Busy busy roads, schools, offices, work, driving home, metro announcements, foods, weekend trips, evening snacks, the hustle-bustle traffic we miss these small moments and surely COVID made us realise that these little moments we never noticed are the most beautiful part of our lives.

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Here we bring you Top 10 things that every Janakpuriwala missed the most during the lockdown. Happy Reading!!!

1. District Centre, Janakpuri

District Center, Janakpuri

“One market for every pocket” 

District centre Janakpuri is a shopper’s paradise that offers something for every budget. From branded shops to small flea stalls, from high-end restaurants to street-side vendors, to a whole new specialised craft, the district centre Janakpuri offers a lot of variety of its customers in both food and shopping. It has an awesome combination of all the items one’s shopping bag can comprise of. Lockdown days turned hard for every DC fan. “Chal DC Chalte hai” phrase was banned from everyone’s life for straight 2 months. People started missing Grillz sandwiches, McDonald burgers, junk jewellery, stylish footwear, trendy dresses piercing and tattoos. D. C was a hub for every festival. Be it for gifts or be it for shopping, D.C is the perfect spot for everything.

2. Jogging at District Park

District Park B Block, Janakpuri

District park, Janakpuri is one of the famous parks of this area. It is spread in a vast area of 22 acres with 3km long tracks for walking/jogging. It is excellently planned and developed for every age group of people. From gyms to children parks, from skating grounds to cricket pitches, this park has every facility. And yes not to miss the very special and only musical fountain which mesmerises one and all with its rhythmic music and colourful movements. At the evening the park pulsates with activities. Kids have a field day as they run around trees and enjoy the swings. Staying at homes, we all missed all the beautiful swings, the cold breeze, children playing in the grounds, jogging through the winds, the relaxing after college.

3. Stunning Shani Bazaar 

Shani Bazaar, Saturday Market, Janakpuri

Saturday market is the small Sarojini for Janakpuriwalas. As Saturday hits on week everyone is getting set all ready for this market. One can get a whole lot of things from Shani Bazaar. Be it dresses, Tupperware, makeup products, baby clothes, winter wear you name it they have it. For every Janakpuriwala, Saturday market is the Chota Sarojini. If one gets tired of shopping, there are a lot of stalls providing foods and drinks. Been in lockdown, everyone is missing their weekly dose of shopping. Roaming around in the streets with friends, having those tasty golgapaas, trying the designer handbags, buying those cheap and quality dresses we will miss them the most. 

4. Dilli Haat 

Dilli Haat, Janakpuri

With its stunning and marvellous architecture, Dilli Hatt Janakpuri is spread over an area of 8 acres. Shopping, photography spots, food spots and craft designs attract everyone. The miniature designs of keychains and the wood crafts are very special here. Stalls here showcase ethnic and exotic products and materials exclusive to India. There are endless shopping opportunities for the visitors as it brings India’s old rural tradition of open market space to contemporary and modern Delhi. Dilli Haat gives an ample opportunity for food lovers to savour delectable lip-smacking food. COVID made us miss all those exhibitions, food festivals, seminars, events, dramas. With Friends, Dilli Haat was the best spot to roam around and enjoy the evenings. 

5. Snacks at C4E Market 

C4E Market, Janakpuri

Be it after work or be it for friend’s meetup, be it for foodies or be it for some evening snack, C4E never failed us to give variety and delicious foods. Spring rolls, Gol Gappa, Kathi rolls, Burger, Bhale Papdi, Chilli Potato, Chicken Kabab, Dosa and more. You name it they have it. Everyone is missing those fresh and delicious Kathi rolls with tasty toppings, which is the most famous dish over there. During the lockdown, everyone got busy with making foods at home, but that taste of C4-E everyone was missing it. Once the curve goes down, surely this place will be back to pace within days. 

6. Unity One Mall, Janakpuri

Unity One Mall, Janakpuri

Shopping at Unity One Mall offers, all type of stores, brands, restaurants, events, deals, offers, entertainment, is up with a unique concept in India. It is developed with an eco-friendly environment meeting all the environmental standards. Providing ample parking space for the residents. Unity one has everything for a shopper, with providing fancy foods to high-end clothing. Unity one has a shop for every bag. Lockdown has made us miss this beauty. The long queues for billing, the wait for one delicious sandwich, shopping for occasions, we miss small things. This lockdown made us realise the beauty of small and little moments. 

7. Sounds of Janakpuri-West Metro

Janakpuri West Metro Station

With its extended lines towards the Botanical garden, Janakpuri West Metro is now a significant interchange station. We surely are missing the hustle-bustle in changing lines and catching trains. I know a lot of people won’t accept it but let’s admit that metro is an important and constant part of our daily lives now. Most of us travel by it every day and so we hear the announcements while travelling. Ask yourself, are you not missing announcements like ‘Please stand clear of the doors’, ‘Next Station is Rajiv Chowk’ and ‘Doors will open on the left’. We know no one would have ever thought that we can miss these announcements but strangely, we all are. 

8. Darjeeling momos of Possangipur

Momos Janakpuri

Momos are an eternal part of every Delhiite. Every area has that one momo wale bhaiya who makes the wonderful and the tastiest momos. No one even thinks to compete with them. Yes, we also have one such “The Darjeeling Momos”. Name may seem big but it is a small business. No one ever thought that this never empty shop would one day be closed for two months straight. Be it for any occasion, these mouth-watering momos never leaves one with disappointment. Being quarantined we all missed the teekha chutney and Darjeeling momos. 

9. Tikkis from Ujala Tikki Wala 

Ujala Tikki Wala, Janakpuri

In west Delhi, this place is extremely popular for its special Aaloo ki Tikki and variety of chaat. The golgappas here are famous. They serve crunchy Aloo Tikki, and the chutneys have a really good balance sweet and sour served with kaccha pyaaz within affordable price. This tasty Tikki and golgappe were surely the lost taste during the lockdown. 

10. Janak Cinema 

Janak Cinema, Cinepolis Janakpuri

Movies are fun when it goes along with popcorn. The weekend family shopping with movies and something tasty to eat, this combo is what everyone searches for. Janak cinema is the best option for people looking for a movie with a food court. Be it weekend or get together Janak cinema is the best. With its plenty of parking space and numerous food courts, this is the best for a shopper to shop by watch a movie and grab something to eat. Lockdown made us miss this place so much.

These are some of the best places which we figured that every Janakpuriwala missed in the lockdown. The sudden lockdown has made us move from cinema halls to Netflix, Saturday market to amazon and Myntra, C4E to homemade.

If you also felt the same or you feel something is missing, mention in the comment section. 

Stay home, Stay Safe, Keep working….

Author: Y Sarvani Swapna Priya for Janakpuri Connect

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