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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

College aur Canteen ki Chai

One of the most interesting stages in life that gives you an opportunity to explore is the ‘college phase. Life is unpredictable: in college, you learn how to live in it. Been in this lockdown for more than 5 months now, the teens are missing their college life. From sleeping late nights to getting up 10 minutes before class they are missing their hostel life. Let it be catching the bus on time or going to mess in the last minute every college student holds thousands of memories and moments. 

The time when the lockdown was announced for universities and colleges, everyone was excited for holiday in mid of semester, but no one knew it would turn into a 9 month long home holiday package. College was fun from using the phone under the bench to capturing notes a day before the exam. From one night study before the exam to that one chai after the exam. 

College teaches us many things from handling pressure to happiness. Not been to college for 5 months, every college student us missing that fun with friends. Canteens in college are the ones with most shrill news about the college. That one chai after classes with a group of friends is the best part of the day. Every college canteen has that one special dish which is everyone's favourite. College is the golden phase of life, where we enhance and grow. It is a mixture of friends, feeling, dramas and most importantly growing with self-learning. 

For some, it is a time where they chill and just came for the sake of a degree, for some, it is an escape from their mundane school life and to experience more freedom, for some it is about adventure and many more. But college life will not be the same any further. All the canteen group discussions will turn into WhatsApp group discussions, all those group mischiefs will not be the same anymore. 

With masks on face and fear of corona, there will be no more fests to enjoy, no more DJ nights, all those bike adventures will never be the same again. Everyone will miss those late nights Maggie’s with movies. It won’t be same anymore to sit the same bench and share the tiffin box.  That one chai of relief along with friends, jokes, pranks will not be the same anymore. Every moment happened pre-corona will be cherished. Every moment will be cherished in hearts forever.

Author: Y Sarvani Swapna Priya for NDC

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