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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A Different Perspective of Quarantine

(image credits: WILX)

Quarantine: Everyone heard this word for the first time a few months ago, and now the whole world is in love with it. When it started everyone waited every day for it to end so to go outside and breathe fresh air, eat those garam pakoras and have chai. 

(image credits: vaya.in)

But Corona had different plans for everyone. IPL got replaced with the great Ramayana. Markers and whiteboards got replaced with GMeet and Jamboards. Netflix and prime are now new books. T-shirt and pyjamas turned into trending fashion. Canteens and discussions got replaced with phone calls and WhatsApp. Quarantine taught us many things from what is home to how much we miss our work. 

At home everything’s different. Birds chirping and the smell of fresh coffee, on time breakfast, and the noise of family force us from our slumber. The downside is mornings changed from ‘Aaj kya date hai’ to ‘count kitna hua’. As we go out to balcony we get a glance of empty roads without the burden of vehicles on them waiting for someone to at least step on. The confused dogs and squirrels coming out of their hives to make sure humans are still alive”, shoes shouting “Use Me”. 

Quarantine made Instagram our best companion. Quarantine brought us the holidays we all didn’t know we wanted. It flooded us with a new sense of love, admiration and respect for our life-givers. Something the fast-paced life of Delhi would have never allowed. It made us realize what and how it feels like to stay isolated or chained ourselves amidst four walls under roof for days. 

Being quarantine made us realize how much our mom’s work every day, how much our dad’s needs rest from his daily routine. And most importantly it taught us that you get nothing from doing literally nothing. The small task of staying at home and to daydream the whole day seems harder than we thought. Quarantine taught me how much we love our work, all those get together, the deadlines of submissions, the pressure of thousands of things at a time. 

Living in quarantine made us realize that home chores is the best cardio. Not everyone’s quarantine is same, but yeah this is gonna be one of the memorable time of life. Enjoy the reality in this generation of virtuality. Stay home as much as possible and let the world heal all by itself. Stay in your Inn because out there is “CcOoRrOoNnAa”

Author: Y Sarvani Swapna Priya for NDC

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