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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

5 workouts you can do at home with dumbbells

So here it's the five top exercises which I personally want you to try every day and make it your warm-up routine. These are the top exercise for you to sweat more and you feel really really exhausted. Not even this exercise helps you to lose weight but also builds up your muscle and overall strength and endurance. 

So finally I started eating more good foods and also I guess I'm enhancing my stamina just because of the consistency of doing a little work out daily because I know id not even did a single workout in their months. I was just eating shit and gaining fat. But today I actually did these workouts without a break. 
I'm not saying that I don't eat sugar. I love chocolates and ice creams but the limit is what will help you. I definitely eat chocolate and then I skip my snack meal.

We're all humans and we have a tendency to eat and try everything. And we can't skip and say no to our fav foods but what we can try is to take it in a portion.✌

Exercises- 🖐
Beginners Pushup 
Jumping Squats
One leg up planks
Butt Kickback ( Donkey kickback)

One thing I've noticed that if you plan or write ✍ your exercises for tomorrow just after you completed your today's work out. You'll remain regular and focused. Doing nothing is better to do and start something( a 30sec plank or 10 squats )..at least it's a big achievement. today was a whole messed up workout session. I decided to do the shoulder, triceps, and biceps. All in one without any proper schedule🙁

Why you should strengthen your shoulder?🏋️‍♂️
✨ firstly, it's a very important muscle who lifts heavy stuff over our heads. ✨Secondly, a muscular shoulder makes you look stronger and more confident. ✨ you'll do a lot of advanced pro workouts like a plank, pushup, handstand, etc.

🤸‍♂️Why you should build the triceps? ✨Triceps reflect the sexy curves and it's looking more attractive when you stretch. ✨Increasing triceps strength brings strength to your shoulders and arms, improves flexibility, and increases range of motion.

Why you should build biceps?💪
✨There are two main workout errors people make that keep their biceps from growing. overtraining the biceps and a lack of variation in training techniques.
✨ Good Posture and totally controlled motion over dumbbells or barbell help to increase peak.

Author: Shivangi Dwivedi for NDC

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